Visionary artist and writer, Max Eternity, releases a limited edition of 50 digital prints honoring the legacy and musical genius of Prince

Prince (Purple Elegance)l

In honor of the extraordinary life and career of Prince, visionary artist and writer, Max Eternity, announces the release a very limited edition of 50 digital prints on heavyweight 100% cotton paper.  The new “Purple Elegance” print is part of Eternity’s “Man of Mystery: LEGENDS” art series, which includes 200+ legends like Muhamad Ali, David Bowie and Curt Cobain to Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson.

For over 20 years, Eternity has been creating collectable art and design that set him apart from all the rest.  And through the years, Eternity has received high praise for his work.  In an art review, Atlanta art critic Debra Wolf wrote “Max Eternity [creates] geometric abstractions of optically seductive circles, arcs and angles.”  Author, art and architecture critic, Mike Welton—who is the founder of Architect + Artisans and has written numerous articles for The New York Times, Dwell Magazine and The Huffington Post—says “Max’s geometric paintings are reminiscent of Gerald Murphy’s precisionist, pre-Pop works.”  And the [former] Mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown, once said “to own a piece from the eyes and hands of Max Eternity, is to have treasure in the present that will only increase in value in the future.”

About his work, Eternity says “I create instant classics to enliven your life forever,” and his long-time friend and art collector, Doug Bialach, says “Max and I have been good friends for over 20 years, and during that time I’ve acquired more artwork by him than any other artist that interests me, because everything he creates is beautiful and unique.”  Adding that, Eternity’s “”Man of Mystery: LEGENDS” digital print series is fabulous, and this new Prince print is off the charts.”

It’s impossible to put into words what Prince means to me,” says Eternity, but as “one artist to another, adding Prince to my “Man of Mystery: LEGENDS” series is something I can do to hold high Prince’s legacy and musical genius.”

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